Many time you may need to close your explorer.exe file,the reason could be any like if you had installed any customization pack and it is asking for restart of explorer.exe then you might open your Task manger and end it from there Or you may log off and then log in.

Both process are little bit time consuming,Here is a method from which you could restart you Windows Explorer right from your context menu:-

For this :-

  • Open registry editor by typing regedit in run command
  • Now navigate to:-


  • Now right click on Shell and create a New Key,
  • Name it whatever you want and in the right hand side pane double click on Default and enter the name which you wanna show in Context Menu like i enter Restart Windows Explorer,
  • Now again right click on the key created on 3rd step and create a new key and name it command,
  • In the right hand side pane double click on Default and set its value as TSKILL EXPLORER,
  • You may set its position in context menu by making a String Value in the right side on Key created in 3rd step as:-

Top (To show it at top)
Bottom (To show it at bottom)

  • You may also assign it any icon for it create a string value name it as icon and set its value to any icon like i did to imageres.dll,206

  • That’s it close your Registry Editor and check it

If you dont wanna mess with your registry Editor then here are ready made registry value for you, all you need to do is extract them and Install the one which you want and if you need to remove them then just launch Uninstall file:-

Download Ready Made Registry Files


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