Nowadays all of us uses Google, Facebook and Twitter account, they keep us connected with our friends and with the world, there is lots of things to do with these services, but there are many third party apps which apps which provide extra benefits to you.

You can install those third party apps on your account and then you can do more like listen music, make better and advance search and so on. But some time we install app for a specific purpose and its necessary that when work is done we remove those apps as those apps has access to our account and some apps can post on our account in place of us.

To todays I am going to show you how can you revoke or remove apps from your Google, Facebook and Twitter account.


To revoke apps access from your Google account just visit THIS, page and once login with your Google account, once you sign-in you will see all apps installed on your Google account, you can also see which app can access which service of Google.


Just click on the Revoke access button in front of apps which you wanna remove and Google will remove that app. That’s it.


If you had installed apps on your Facebook account wanna remove it the first login to your Facebook account, then click on Account Setting from drop down menu at top-right corner and the click on Apps from left hand sidebar, now you will find all apps installed by you on your account.

Many apps has different kind of access like they can Send message to your friends on your behalf and can post on your timeline, if you wanna revoke on one thing, like don’t wanna allow app to send message then click on Edit link and the cancel the access which you wanna revoke.

If you wanna remove full app then just click on cross link in front of your app.



To revoke access of apps from your Twitter account, login to your Twitter account, then click on Setting from top right drop down menu,

Once you are on setting page, click on Apps from left sidebar, you will find all apps which have access to your account, Now you can see which app has what kind of access like if it has read access then it can only read your Tweets, but if it has write then it can post on behalf of you.

Just click on the Revoke access button in front of app to remove it.



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