In a recent announcement Microsoft has gave a big gift to its Windows Phone 8 users, Microsoft has announced that all phone running on Windows Phone 8 will get Windows Phone 10 update, earlier company has took its Lumia Twitter account to announced that they will be launching Windows Phone 10 update by launch next year and all Windows Phone 8 phone will get update.


This is a good move from Microsoft as earlier when they had announced Windows Phone 8 over its Windows Phone 7 they made some changes to kernel and due to this reason they said that Windows Phone 7 devices will not be eleigible for this update and this was highly criticized by the users. But this time its not the same case.

Earlier there were reports that some low-end Lumia smartphone’s will not get Windows Phone 10 update, but now company has said all Lumia phones will get this update which is quite good move.

Till now all we know is Windows Phone 10 will come with split screen multi-tasking feature for smartphone having 4.9inch or bigger display screen. In WP10 users will be able to respond notifications right from notification center without opening corespondent app.


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