Friday, July 10, 2020

Automatically Apply Bing Homepage Image As Your Desktop Wallpaper

Bing homepage features a new background image everyday.Microsoft has released a tool which allows you to set that image as your desktop wallpaper automatically.

Download Mac OS X Lion Wallpapers Pack

Apple has just announced its new OS, Mac OS X Lion at WWDC, the look of new Mac is good and it comes with lots of new wallpapers. A user at DA...

Windows 8 Login Screen Got Leak

We are continuously reporting about the latest leaks regarding the Windows 8, Recently we had reported that Windows had been given to Microsoft’s OEM partner. After it installation pics were leaked and...

Another Windows 8 Wallpaper From Us

We had already shared a Windows 8 wallpaper with all of you. Now here is another wallpaper, hope all of you will like it. Click on image to get full view/download. You may share...

Windows Boot Screen Collection, Boot Screen Of Windows 1.0 To Windows 7

Yesterday I had told you about the History Of Windows, How 25 year ago Windows started its journey and what changes Microsoft made in it. Now its time to show you a...

Windows 8 Wallpaper “TAEight” Made By TechnoArea/Rahul Sharma

As we all know that Microsoft has already start working on its new upcoming OS,Windows 8.Windows 8 is expected to release in 2nd half of 2012 and its beta version may...

Access Hidden Regional Wallpapers in Windows 7

Couple of days ago I told you haw to access Access Hidden Regional Themes in Windows 7, Windows 7 not only hides regional themes it also hides regional wallpapers in it...

Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Wallpaper Out, Download It

Today Buck Woody @ MSDN Blogs has released a new and nice MS SQL wallpaper which you can use on your Desktop. This is a nice wallpaper and...


Get Notification Whenever You Press Caps Lock Key

No doubt on that CAPS LOCK key is the least used and one of the most hated key on your keyboard, even Google has...