Nowadays we are seeing smartphone are coming in market like no tomorrow, company’s are launching their devices and with the increase of smartphone’s, demands of their accessories are also going up. Customers do want to add skins, back covers or bumpers. We had also seen that most of the budget smartphone’s doesn’t comes with headphone’s in the box, so you have to buy them separately.


There are plenty of websites which allows you to buy mobile accessories, but there is one dedicated websites for these, the LastestOne.Com which has emerged as India’s largest online store tech accessories, by dominating the mobile cases/covers market.

It has wide variety of covers are available such as Sleek Armor, Hybrid, Titanium, Metallic, Shiny, Printed, Eve, Retro, Trendy, Shengo, Luxury, bumpers, flip etc.

LatestOne.Com stocks and sells over 3,000 different types/designs/colors of mobile covers/cases from just Rs 99 all the way to Rs 1499 for the luxury seekers. With this strategy, has sold over 3.0 lac mobile cases online so far, achieving the market leader position.

Mr. Ameen Khwaja, the MD & CEO of Palred Online Technologies (POT) Limited states, “There are over 40 million online buyers and the mobile accessories business is expected to grow at about 25% this year. The ease of shopping for these covers on a specialty online store like ours is simply a boon. Currently, is selling around 50,000 mobile covers per month. The demand for mobile covers in India is growing at an exponential rate.”


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