Nowadays many laptops, notebooks or netbooks are coming in small size, and because of the small size manufacture removes some keys like Volume Up and Down, Brightness increase and decrease keys from the keyboards, and instead of them they add a Fn (Short of Function).

To access the menu you have to press Fn key and then suitable Function key on your laptop, But many times you might not feel good to press 2 keys for a single work.

SFunKey is a smal tool which allows you to disable the Fn key and you don’t have to press Fn key any more. It allows you to assign a function to Esc key to F11 keys, to use F12 key first you need to check that you wanna enable F12 key as some time F12 is reserved by system.


Once you assign a key you have to press that key 2 times so that function assigned to it can work. This toll work fine on both 32 bit and 64 bits of all version of Windows.



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