Almost all of us use Adobe Reader to view pdf files.Adobe reader is a powerful and nice reader.But when it comes on look it is almost nothing.

But here is a  nice and best alternative for Adobe Reader,Nitro PDF Reader,It is a free Pdf reader.

Nitro Reader offers features and functionality far beyond typical PDF readers, and makes working with PDF easier than ever before.

Nitro offers more features than any other free PDF reader available right now.You can create Pdf from over 300 file formats means you have wide variety to make Pdf files.

You can also convert your pdf file into text file instantly.

The Snapshot tool allows you to select any on-screen area, regardless of content, and copy it directly to your Clipboard for quick and easy reuse of images, text, or anything within your PDF file.

The Nitro reader looks like Ms Offce 2007 Ribbon interface.So if you used or using Ms Office than you will find it more easy to use.

It offers many feature,You can take a look at its features from Here.

You may use following link to download Nitro Pdf Reader:

Download Nitro Pdf Reader


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