If you got a new Samsung laptop then you should read this article carefully,If we believe on a report published by Network World, then your new laptop could come with pre-installed keyloger,

As we had already told you about keyloger, actually it is a program which sent the details of every key stroked by you to its owner by secretly.You even don’t know that it is using your system.

It was discovered by Mohamed Hassan, he says :-

While setting up a new Samsung computer laptop with model number R525 in early February 2011, I came across an issue that mirrored what Sony BMG did six years ago.  After the initial set up of the laptop, I installed licensed commercial security software and then ran a full system scan before installing any other software. The scan found two instances of a commercial keylogger called StarLogger installed on the brand new laptop. Files associated with the keylogger were found in a c:windowsSL directory.

Later on he returned laptop due to some other reason and bought new on, R540,and he gives a scan to this one too and again found same keyloger installed at the same directory.

Samsung had provided aid to Mohamed Hassan and launched an Investigation on this issue.

So if you also own a new laptop of Samsung then don’t forget to scan your system with a good anti-virus.


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