Remove Virus Archive

Virus Hide Original Data And Make Shortcut On USB

Sometime when you attach your USB with computer then you wont find any of your file in it you will just see shortcuts and files were hidden. Here is how to fix it.

Avast! Free Anti-Virus 7.0 Released

Avast Team has released their latest version of Anti-Virus suite, avast! Free Antivirus 7.0, this version comes with lost of new features and improved functions. The great thing is that this version fully support Windows 8, so if you are running Windows 8 Developer Preview version then you can protect it from threats. Here are

Recently Got Laptop From Samsung, Then There Could Be Pre-Install Keyloger

If you got a new Samsung laptop then you should read this article carefully,If we believe on a report published by Network World, then your new laptop could come with pre-installed keyloger, As we had already told you about keyloger, actually it is a program which sent the details of every key stroked by you

BEWARE Hackers Now Using Facebook URL Redirect Service For HACKING

Ok almost all of us use Facebook and Facebook will send a mail to your inbox whenever anything happens in you account like Someone comment on your Status, If someone Post Wall to you etc, to keep you update with your account. Facebook also uses its own URL redirect service so that if anyone post

Use Facebook And Twitter On Secure Connection By Using HTTPS

Facebook and Twitter both are most using social networking sites millions of users login to their account on daily basis, if any threat is speared  over them then it will affect large number of users so its good to use them securely. We had already showed you how to use Gmail On HTTPS.Actually both sites,

Find All Programs Currently Connected To Internet

Let me ask you simple thing, How many times it happens that you are just checking your mails and still find that your internet connection is working so slow. Actually there are many apps which runs in the background and uses your internet connection and makes your connection slow and uses your bandwidth. TCPEye is