Google always do experiments and something which entire world hasn’t think about, earlier they had started a project in which you will be able to travel a driverless car, then they bring Google Glass and now Project Loon.

Under this project Google will deploy some jelly-fish like balloons in the sky and then they will transmit wireless internet to the entire world. This Project is developed by Google X team.

The idea behind this project is to deploy number of balloons 20 KM high into the stratosphere of the planet and then they will transmit wireless internet and connect remote areas of the world.

Currently this project is in early stage and if its results were positive then this technology will allow countries to cut the expense of laying fiber cables underneath the Sea’s and Ocean and will increase Internet usage in countries like of Africa and South-Asia.

Up in the stratosphere balloons will move with the help of winds and solar power and they will travel across world at that height, right above clouds and plans.

To use internet via Project Loon, Google has developed special antenna which are basketball size and red in color, similar to Google’s Map pins. So your traditional cellular or WiFi connection will not work, however your ISP can take that signal and then transfer to consumer.

These balloons will fly so high that your normal eye wont be able to see them, they will get power from a table sized solar panel which are placed right below balloon. They will get charged in 4 hours and can last all day. Each balloon can provide internet access to 1,250 square kilometers or 780 square miles.

Google hasn’t talked about its price but they are saying that they are trying best to make balloons and receiver as inexpensive as they can.

There is already a pilot program in New Zealand with 50 testers and Google has launched 30 balloons this week.


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