I was using Windows Defender as my security suit on my Windows 8, but when I got Norton Internet Security 2013 which fully support Windows 8 I think to install it on it. Installation was quite smooth and fast, it had hardly took 3 minutes to get installed.

Interface of Norton Internet Security 2013 is very nice you will get tile like interface on it. It made easy to use it on touch based devices. On main screen you will see your CPU and System usage data and trust level of apps installed on your computer.


This tool comes with Anti Virus, Firewall, Online Protection and parental control. On main screen you wont see much options, you have to click on Advance too get more options. I had scanned my 500 GB hard disk which it scanned in 2 Hrs 15 Minutes, quite fast.

When you rescan your system again then you will see that it will take much lower time as it use fingerprinting technique to avoid rescanning of files and folders.

On our test it had scanned and detected almost 90% virus on our USB device,

Using Norton Safe Web, you can scan your Facebook walls too, it will scan all links so that you will be protected from malwares and online threats.


If you use lots of application on your computer but don’t know much about them then Norton will help you on this, Its apps rating will allows you to know which app is good and which is not. By this you can also know which app takes how much memory on your computer.


Norton Internet Security 2013 also offers you to save your password of all your accounts like Email, banking and so on in your vault, your vault will be protected with a master password so that no one can access it.

Norton Internet Security 2013 can also repair your system if it has been infected by any malware to spyware. Norton background task manager also work good and it reduces your system work load time. This app works fine on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

For Windows 8 Norton team has released lots of Windows App too which can be found and downloaded from Windows Store. You can use this security suite on PC, Netbooks, Laptops, Notebooks, and even on your tablet too.

In our most test this app passed with good marks which make it as a nice security suite which can protect your system. Norton hasn’t provided option of online back in this version which we feel must be there, you can get online backup option in Norton 360.

Rating :- 4/5


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