In this modern era when we are moving more and more toward technology there are some people who follows rituals and traditions but it is very difficult to follow those rules as many times we are not aware of those traditions and there are very few resource available which tells you about the same, yes you can find tons of websites which tells you about this but what about when you are on the go?, I have seen that websites which offers such kind of features are not mobile friendly at all which means using these website on mobile device is not easy.

So what’s the simple way to get Hindu Calendar and stuffs in your hands whenever you want? Well here is an app from Pulp Strategy Communications, a multi-award-winning young organisation. This app is available on Google Play store and you can download and install this free app.

Hindu Calendar

Once you download and install this app, you will find that its very simple to use it as every thing is placed at your front, when you launch app, you will find a slider at top which shows Puja Vidhi, Recipe and Panchang, and if you tap on it then it wont do anything which is why I wonder why its there.

Below slider you have you will find some options like Hindu Calendar which shows Sun rise and sun set for the particular day and you will also see Moon position for the day and it also shows upcoming hindu festivals.

Other than this you will also find your daily horoscope, apart from daily horoscope you can also see horoscope for whole month or for whole year as well.

Hindu Calendar

Hindu Festival is one of the nice option which you will find on this app, once you click on any festival you will also see whats the legend or story behind that festival and why that festival is celebrated. If you follow panchang then its also there for you in app.

There is another nice thing for those who do everything according ‘muhurat’, here you can see what’s the daily subh muhurat in which you should do your important work and in which time you should not.

Apart from this there are couple of options as well like if you are food junkie then here you can also find recipes for some traditional foods, I loved this option very much 😛

If you are planning to visit temple across the country then here is a simple way to find it, you will also find whats important about that temple, why its famous and legend behind that temple.

Last but not the least option which is tells how you should do puja, like Diwali Puja, its vidhi, what’s the aarti for that puja, and good part is that aarti is available in both hindi and english.

So that’s the good part about the app, but is there anything wrong with app? well yes and the most annoying is that its full of ads, ad pop up in very short time and its very annoying.

Another thing which we wished is that Aarti could be in audio or it could be played when you want but its not supported.

What we liked here :-

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Has almost everything which a you want like panchang, hindu calendar, temples details, festivals details and much more
  • App uses Yellow color which is pure color as per Hindu

What we didnt like here :-

  • Ad pop up in very short span of time and its very annoying
  • Only available for Android


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