Many times we are waiting for an important mail and for that we keep checking our mailbox, but if you are on the go then it might not be possible for you to keep checking mail. Or in another scenario you might want to get notified whenever your boss send a mail to you.

If you want to get notified whenever you get an important mail then here is a simple Google Script which might be useful for you. Here you first create a filter and label and whenever any mail comes under that label then you will get SMS notification.

  • In your Gmail, create a filter and label, so that your important mails will be label as Send Alert Text in your mail box,


  • Create a copy of this Google Script
  • Once you have a copy of script open it and from toolbar click on Run Script menu and click on Authorize, here as script is running for first time it will ask for permission, just grant it


  • Now Again click on Run Script menu and click on Run Program, that’s it, now you can close that sheet and it will monitor your mailbox in background.

What’s happening here??

This script is monitoring your mailbox’s label, Send Alert Text and as it gets any email under that label then it will create an event in Google Calendar and sends SMS notification about that event, this event auto expires after 10 seconds.

After sending SMS notification, eMail will be removed from that label so that we wont get duplicate notifications. This script runs at the interval of every five minutes.

How To Stop It :-

If in future you want to stop getting notification then click on Run Script from tool bar and the click on Uninstall, that’s it.


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