MS Office suite is the most popular Office suite, it gives you lots of options and freedom to that you cant compare it with any other product. Recently Microsoft has introduced new version of Office suite, MS Office 2013 for its Windows users.

Over the past we had seen that Microsoft is not building any new package for any new platform and keep updating its existing package for Windows users and for Mac users too as Mac popularity has grown over the past.

Microsoft never seemed interested in Linux platform but now news are coming that Microsoft is building its Office suite for Linux users who want to use Linux on their desktop. Linux is mostly seen as server side OS and its not much popular in home desktop.

Linux mostly comes with Open-Source apps and it will be interesting for Microsoft to sell its high end package for those users who are using a free and open source platform.

As of now we can just wait for some official news from Microsoft on this. In the meanwhile if you want to say something then feel free to post comment below.


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