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Create LiveCD With LinuxLive USB Creator

Creating and using Live CD is one of the most widely used method around the tech world if you want to use a Linux distribution. LiveCD is a bootable computer installation which can be run directly through USB or CD without any installation right from computer memory and there is no need to make any

Microsoft Might Launch MS Office Suite For Linux In 2014

For the 1st time Microsoft seems interesting in Linux platform as they might launch MS Office for linux users.

[How To] Make Multi Boot Of Windows 7, Windows 8 And Ubuntu

Recently I had showed you how can you make a dual boot of Windows 7 and Windows 8 with Windows 7 pre installed on your machine. Now some guys asked me that they wanna run Linux (Ubuntu) too on their exiting machine, means they wanna make a multi boot of Windows 7, Windows 8 and

Make Bootable USB To Install Ubuntu

If you are going to install Linux on your computer then its best to use Ubuntu, as its free and widely supported by its community. You can download latest version of Ubuntu from their server and then write it to your CD and then boot it and install it from there. But creating a booting

Final Version Of KDE 4.7.0 Out, Download

Are you a Linux lover and use Linux system, if yes then here is a good news for you, final version of KDE 4.7 is out and it is available for download, Version 4.7 of these releases provide many new features and improved stability and performance. This release provide major updates to the KDE Plasma

Microsoft Wished Linux On Their 20th Birthday With A video

Linux has completed their 20 years and they are celebrating it, Microsoft is known for wishing their competitors on some good occasions like recently they has send a cupcake to Mozilla on the launch on Firefox 4. Now on Linux birthday they has created a short video short video which shows the relation between Microsoft

“EasyPeasy” Lightweight Open Source OS For Netbook And Ultra Portable Laptop

Do you surf net a lot and use your then here is something for you, EasyPeasy is an Linux based OS, and it is specially build for surfing internet. EasyPeasy formerly named Ubuntu Eee is a Linux-based operating system for netbooks. EasyPeasy is built upon Debian and Ubuntu. Yet it is build on Ubuntu and

Google Chrome Stable Version 10.0.648.134 Released

Google team has updated their browser to the next version and the full version no. of the latest version is 10.0.648.134. This version has the latest version of Adobe Flash player and it is released for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Chrome Frame. You may use following link to download it :- Download Link

Ylmf OS, Windows XP Like Linux

You love Windows XP? But wanna try Linux but afraid of using it because of new UI and look? Then here is a solution for your problem, Ylmf OS is a open source OS,The interface operation is clean and clear.The adjustment and creation is based on the user’s experience and usage. Features :- Based on

“Pinguy OS” An Out Of Box Linux For Beginners

Well if you ask me Which OS is most useful then I will say Linux, I know many of you shock or don’t agree with me but Linux is a good OS and let me tell you almost all server in world run on Linux systems. So if you are planning to give a try