Android phones and tablets are quite popular nowadays, many of you might be having a Android device in your pocket. In these devices you can video photos, videos listen music and much more, but many times we are running out of space due to data we placed on it.

You can delete apps, video and so on but if still wanna free up space then you can do it by optimizing images on your phone so that you can get some free space on your drive. the best part in this is that you don’t have to delete anything.

Image Optimizer can do this work for you, its an free app available on Google Play, you can download and install it on your phone or tablet and run it, then it will display all photos which you had on your device. Here you can either select all photos at once or select one by one if you don’t want to optimize some of them.


You select the compression level of photo from its setting so that it wont compress much your photo and quality of your photo can be maintained.


It will show the process of work in nice manner and once work is done you will find that now you had some more space in your device.

P.S. We suggest you to take backup of all your photos before optimizing them so that if any image loss its quality then you can restore it.


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