If you are a tech savvy then you might know about APK files, if you are not then APK stands for Android Application Package, basically same as EXE files found for Windows platform which allows you to install apps, APK files allows you to install apps on Android platform.

If you want to download any app then you can head over to you Google Play store and search for app and install it from there, its simple and easy method. But recently I was looking for an app for my Galaxy tab and found that app but when I try to install it Play store says its not compatible with my device but I know it is.

In that case I decided to directly install app from APK file, for this I need to download APK file which is not possible from Google Play, for this I came across with an service called EVOZI, its an free and easy to use online tool which allows you to download APK file for any Android app.

To use this service all you need to do is just copy the URL of Android App from Google Play store and paste it in Evozi and it will pull APK file from Google server and all you to download it, you need to click on second button in order to download APK file.


Once downloaded you can transfer app to your Android device and install it from there, or you can download and use third party app like Easy Installer for this.


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