From the sometime Taiwan-based company, Asus is trying to fill the gap of the mid-range gaming laptop, they had launched some good laptops under their Republic Of Gamers series which provide the high-end gaming experience to end users without digging their pocket much. Now the company has launched a new gaming laptop which does not fall in its ROG series, the Asus R510JX, and with this company is trying to fill the gap of mid-range gaming laptops in India.

Build And Design Of Asus R510JX :-

When you take this laptop out of the box, you will see that it is is made up of some good quality plastic, despite being plastic, it do feels solid and nice in hand. Asus R510JX comes in black and red streaks on a glossy panel which does look nice but as it has a glossy panel which will be fingerprint magnet and scratch-attractive as well, in our usage we ended up cleaning it very often.

Asus R510JX Glossy

Thankfully, the portion which you are going to use most has a different story, as soon as you open the lid, you will find a 15.6 inch full HD display screen. You have full-size chiclet keyboard which is made up of one piece plastic, but it do requires some work to get used to of it. Around your keyboard, you will again find red streaks which look cool and nice.

Asus R510JX Keyboard Strikes

Just below your keyboard, you have the big trackpad with red lines around it which distinguishes it from rest of the area, you get nice palm rest area which allows you to type long emails or blogs without any issue.

Asus R510JX Left Side

When it comes to connectivity and ports then on the left side you will get one USB 2.0 port and the DVD-RW drive while on the right side two USB 3.0 ports, headphone 3.5mm jack, HDMI, Ethernet and the VGA ports along with the power input.

Asus R510JX Right Side

At the tip of your palm rest, on the right side, you will find your LED notification light for power, battery status, hard disk activity and airplane mode, as these in front, so you will see them easy.

Asus R510JX LED

Hardware And Specs Of Asus R510JX :-

When it comes to under the hood features then, Asus R510JX has got a 15.6-inch FHD display, under the hood, it is powered by Intel Core i7 (4th Gen) processor clocked at 2.6 GHz along with 8 GB of RAM and comes with 1TB. GPU is being handled by 2GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M (N16P-GT).

Software Of Asus R510JX :-

Asus R510JX runs on 64Bit Windows 10 along with several Asus’s apps as well as some third party apps. You will find Asus Live Update which will look for any drivers updates regularly for you, there is Splendid Utility which lets you change display color temperature and some more apps are there as well, you will get 25GB free storage for 6months on Dropbox and some more apps are there.

Asus R510JX Side

Many times you might not use those pre-installed apps, but we do suggest you to try some of them as they might increase your experience with the device. Rest of things are same as you might find on any other Windows 10 machine, we never faced any software related issue on this machine.

Keyboard And Trackpad Of Asus R510JX :-

Let’s start with the good thing here, Asus R510JX comes with the full-size keyboard which looks nice and keys are well spaced which means you will be able to type long letters with fewer mistakes. Letters are marked with red colors which make them very hard to see in optimum lights, and to add more fun, this keyboard does not support backlight, yup you read it correctly, there are not backlights which mean do think of typing in the dark environment at all.

Asus R510JX Keyboard

Overall keyboard is nice which gives nice feedback, key travels are nice, and we did type emails and blog posts for the longer period of time on this keyboard and we haven’t faced any issue with it.

Asus R510JX Trackpad

Now let’s come to the trackpad, wen I started using this laptop, its trackpad was very annoying and was not working very well, but sooner I updated its driver and things become smooth. However if you love to play games then you are not going to use it at all.

Display Of Asus R510JX :-

Asus R510JX comes with 15.6 inches full HD display screen which is good for the single user, but if you are going to watch the movie in a group then other people might not get better sight as it does not have that much great viewing angles.

Speakers Of Asus 510JX :-

Speakers of Asus 510JX are not that much loud and clear which other laptops has at this price, and its position makes it worst, company has decided to place it below the keyboard. SonicMaster technology do helps a bit but it leaves you in the desire to expect more.

Asus R510JX Speakers

It also comes with an Audio Wizard which lets you switch between different audio modes, you can select them as per your apps on which you are listening to music.

Battery Life Of Asus 510JX :-

It has got four cell battery which we were expecting to be average but it’s not, we found ourself running toward charging point very often, and it never survives more than 3 hours for us.

Performance Of Asus 510JX :-

The performance of Asus 510JX is surely above average, it is not going to perform like any high-end machine, but it gets its job done.The combination of Intel Core i7 4720HQ along with 8Gigs of RAM allows you to do most of the task easily.

We played games like Need For Speed Most Wanted, NFS Shift, GTA V, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Battlefield 4, where GTA V and NFS Most Wanted were smooth play, rest of the games showed some lag, especially when you play for longer time.

Final Verdict On Asus 510JX :-

Asus 510JX is a mid-range gaming machine which is meant for average gamers, if you occasionally play games then you can go with this, but if you are die hard gamer then it’s not for you. This laptop is price Rs. 69,990 which is certainly not the cheap one, but it can perform better than its competitors.

Asus R510JX Strikes

If you looking for a gaming laptop then you should skip this, but yes if you are looking for a machine which can do your most of the task easily and also let you play games, then you should consider this one.

Pros :-

  • Nice Keyboard
  • Good GPU
  • More than average gaming performance

Cons :-

  • Not so good viewing angles
  • Below average speakers
  • No backlight for keyboard


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