If you are sharing your computer with other users too then many times you might have seen that other users had installed some apps on your system which makes your system slow or install unnecessary browser extension, or toolbar.

InstallGuard is an nice app which blocks the installation of unauthorized apps on your system. Its an freeware app which monitors and block any new installation of softwares on your computer.


It sites on your system tray and then monitor all installation, basically it blocks Microsoft Installer (msiexec), InstallShield and all other commercial installers. but you can includes any other file or extension too.


You can assign or set users who are authorized to install app on your system so that only authorized apps can be installed, for other users it will give following error on installation.


You can set a master password so that other users can turn it of or by-pass it to install apps. You can also view the logs of the app which allows you to see which apps has been blocked so far. As app is in beta phase so you might see some apps by-passing it which can be fixed in stable version.

Features :-

  • Installation Monitoring :- Monitor and record all new software installation attempts and identify who is trying to install unauthorized software on your PC.
  • Installation and Process Blocking :-  Blocks all installations from starting on your system without your authorization, including Microsoft Installer (msiexec), InstallShield and all other commercial installers.
  • Change Tracking: Point-in-Time Snapshots :- Keeps track of all software installations by creating a snapshot of all of your software at run time – you can then later compare and track down exactly what and when a software was either installed or removed from your PC.
  • User Whitelisting :- Allow administrators and other authorized users to install software without any restrictions or alerts.
  • Alerts :- Alert users when they are attempting to install unauthorized software. Send email alerts to system administrators when new software has been installed.
  • Password Protection :- Access to the interface is protected by an encrypted password, only allowing administrators to access the configuration interface and reporting tools.