Recently Microsoft has released Windows 8 Developers Preview copy of its upcoming OS, Windows 8, this OS comes with several new features which we had already shared with you.

A New feature found in Windows 8 is Recovery feature which allows you to Refresh or Reset your pc to old condition.

But for instance, if you go for Recovery option in Windows 8 Developer Preview it will ask you for Product key, at the time of release Microsoft hasn’t provided any key to users and even at the time of installation it will not ask you for any product key.

But recently an Microsoft employee Michael on MSDN Forum, he provided product key for Windows 8 Developer Preview or Server Build, which you can use at the time of Recovery.

Windows 8 Developer Preview :-


Key for Server Edition of Windows 8 Developers Preview :-


Note: These product keys are only for use with the Windows Developer Preview version of Windows 8.

Thanks to Vishal for sharing this…..