We had already told you HOW TO GET WATERMARK ON WINDOWS VISTA & WINDOWS 7 RTM COPY, now today we are going to share a trick from which you will be able to customize the watermark and display your name on your desktop.See the screenshot below:-

Isnt it cool ?? 🙂

Now here is the trick:-

  • Navigate to :-


  • Open user32.dll.mui file in Resource Hacker, (Resource Hacker can be found in Recommended Section),
  • Now expand String Table and navigate to 45->1033,
  • Here look for the value 715 and 716, It must be,

715, “%wsWindows %ws”
716, “%ws Build %ws”

  • Now delete everything within the quotas and enter the data which you wanna show on your desktop

  • Now click on compile script and save it,
  • Log Off to see the new Text on your desktop

Note:- You need to take ownership of user32.dll.mui, So you may refer any of 2 article belows to take ownership of any file:-

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