• WinRar

WinRAR is a shareware file archiver and data compression utility

WinRAR supports the following features:

Complete support for RAR and ZIP archives, and unpacking of ARJ, LZH, TAR, GZ, ACE, UUE, BZ2, JAR, ISO, EXE, 7z, and Z archives. Future versions of WinRAR are planned to include 7z creation.[3]


  • 7 Zip

7-Zip is an open source file archiver designed originally for Microsoft Windows. 7-Zip operates with the 7z archive format, and can read and write to several other archive formats.


  • Style Xp

StyleXP is a computer program designed to modify the graphical user interface of Windows XP. As of version 3.19 features include modifying themes, explorer bar, backgrounds, logon screens, icons, boot screens, transparency, cursors and screensavers.


  • UXTheme Patcher

Windows Xp does not allows you to use 3rd party themes, but you can patch a system file name Uxtheme.dllto use 3rd party themes

UXTheme Patcher will patch the system file automatically so that you can use 3rd party theme.

Just patch your computer and restart it to take effect.

Download (For Xp SP 3)

Download (For Xp Sp 2)

  • Windows File Protection (WFP) Switcher

You cant edit/delete or replace any system file in windows, whenever you try to this, windows will show a error that the file is already in use, even if you use any other software then windows will replace the new file with the default one on the next boot.

It happens due to “Windows File Protection” (WFP) service which checks the system files periodically and replaces them with default ones.

“Windows File Protection” (WFP) switcher allows you to disable this service so that you can use modified file.


  • Replacer

Replacer is a free and easy to use application which allows you to replace system files, supposed you downloaded any system file from internet and if you directly try to replace it then windows will show a error that FILE IS CURRENTLY IN USE or system will replace it with original one on next boot, so in this case you need replacer to replace files.

You have to just drag-and-drop original system file in it and then drag-and-drop the new modified file.It’ll ask for confirmation, press “Y” and you have done. Restart your system and it’ll replace the default file with new one on next reboot.


  • VistaGlazz

You cant use 3rd party theme in windows vista also but “VistaGlazz” allows you to use 3rd party theme.


  • Universal Patcher

Windows 7 like other Windows does not allows you to use third party theme.You need to patch some Windows File Which can be done using Universal Patcher.Just download the patcher and run it it will show you three files which need to be patched,just patch them and restart your system.


  • Unlocker

Many times we face following ERROR messages while deleting or moving a system file in windows:

  1. Cannot delete file: Access is denied

  2. There has been a sharing violation.

  3. The source or destination file may be in use.

  4. The file is in use by another program or user.

  5. Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in use.

Unlocker will solve this problem and allows you to delete/move/edit files.


  • Glass2k

Glass2k is a small program which allows xp users to make any window and taskbar transparent.Right-click on any window or press the keyboard shortcuts Control + Shift + [0-9] to make it transparent.


  • Resource Hacker

Resource Hacker is a very easy to use tool, from this you can edit system file like exe, .dll, .cpl, etc.


  • Resource Tuner

Resource Tuner is a another tool to edit system files like Resource hacker but it has some more and advanced features which are not there in Resource Hacker


  • Restorator 2007

Restorator is an award-winning utility to edit windows resources in applications and their components, e.g. files with .exe, .dll, .res, .rc, .dcr, extension