Do you ever had used Run Command?, well almost all of us has used sometime in our life, it’s a quite useful tool as you can open many programs by just typing their name, but most of those programs are of Microsoft and comes by default in Windows.

Do you ever wanted to create your own custom run command shortcuts? Well you can always create shortcuts on your desktop but if you want a clean desktop like me then its not a great option for you.

So today I am going to teach you to create your own run command shortcuts :-

  • First right click on desktop and then select New->Shortcuts,
  • Now browse for the program which shortcut you wanna make,
  • Now provide any name to it, make sure you provide a unique name, because this will be your run command,
  • Now open your Windows directory by typing %WinDir% in run command,
  • Copy and paste that shortcut from desktop to here,
  • That’s it you ware done now open your run command and type the shortcut name and you will see your program loading.

For More Info please take a look at the vide below:-