Recently on my test machine i had decided to installed MS Office 2013 and while installing this software suddenly my  machine got turned off which breaks installation of MS Office 2013 in middle, after restarting i found MS Office 2013 on my PC when i try to launch Ms Word it didnt started, then i thought to remove it or uninstall it and reinstall it but when i head over to my Control panel i got another error and wasnt able to uninstall it.

Then after few searches i was able to find a tool which automatically uninstall MS Office 2013 or Office 365 completely from your computer, all you need to do is download Microsoft FixIt from below link and run it.


It will ask whether you want to apply FixIt or not, just apply it if you want to uninstall MS Office 2013, within a minute or two it will uninstall MS Office and shows result to you. With report you can get detail information about the problems.

You can download FixIt from HERE for you Windows 8 machine.


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