If you had used Google Docs then you must know that it comes with a feature in which you can chat with your friends while working on the same file, you or your friends can suggest changes or make changes to the file and all this is done in real time so you and your friends will see all changes instantly without any waiting. Now Microsoft has announced that they are going to add similar feature to its Word And PowerPoint web apps through Skype.


Company has announced that they will be adding built-in Skype chat functionality which allows users to chat with there friends, but this function will be limited to Word and PowerPoint only. This update will be available in coming weeks and once its live you will see a Chat button at the top-right side and upon clicking on it, you will be able to interact with others and all communication is shown in a sidebar which makes you to discuss things with your friends.

This feature is very similar to built-in chat which we have on Outlook.com and OneDrive, at this time Skype chat will be limited to Word and PowerPoint but we hope it will be rolled out in other web apps like Excel and OneNote as well.

One thing which makes it different from Google Docs is that your chat session’s will be sync across all Skype services and you will be able to continue chat through Skype desktop or mobile app even you leave web app, this is not available on Google Docs.


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