If you had installed MS Office 2013 on your Windows 8 then you will notice a new context menuSkyDrive Pro” when you click on any file or folder, if you are not using SharePoint then its not for your.


If you wish to remove it then it can be done very easily by just removing a key from Registry editor. If you too want to remove it then open registry editor by typing regedit in run command and then navigate too .


Under Shell you will find another key, SPFS.ContextMenu, just deleting it will remove SkyDrive Pro option from context menu, but it will be a good idea if you can backup this key before deleting for this right click on SPFS.ContextMenu, and select export.

Update from Microsoft :-

Microsoft has too released an update for this issue, Microsoft says :-

When you right-click any folder or file on a computer that has SkyDrive Pro installed, the context-menu entry of SkyDrive Pro is displayed as shaded and is not clickable. This entry should not be displayed.

Download KB2810019 update.


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