Monday, February 18, 2019

How To Switch To Microsoft Account From Local Account And Vice Versa In Windows...

In Windows 8 you can use you local account or your Microsoft account to login, if you wanna switch from one to another then here the way.

Windows 8 Will Have Aero Automatic Colorization

As Windows 8 takes some time to come but some interesting leaks are already started hitting internet, and here is another cool feature of it and its Aero Automatic Colorization. Aero Automatic...

Get Classic Start Menu Back In Windows 8 Start Menu X

Microsoft has removed Start Button or ORB from Windows 8, but if you want to get it back then here is a simple to use app.

[How To] Change Windows 8 Metro Weather App To Celsius From Fahrenheit

If you are one of the early adopter of tester who are testing Windows 8 Developers Preview on your machine then you might be using Metro Weather App which is present...

Toshiba Announced 2 New Windows 8 Laptops In CES

Toshiba has introduced 2 new Windows 8 powered laptops in CES.

Microsoft Revealed Windows 8 Tablet “Surface”

Microsoft has revealed its upcoming tablet, Surface, which will run on its latest upcoming OS Windows 8 Pro.

Windows 8.1 Available For Download, Here’s Whats New In It

As we had told you that Microsoft will release final version of Windows 8.1 for public on October 17th and they did. If you are a current user of Windows 8...

Windows 8 Will Feature SmartScreen File Checking Security

If you are using IE9 then you will surely know about SmartScreen feature, it contains the list of many malicious links and as you visit different websites it IE9 checks and...

Get Desktop Sidebar Back In Windows 8

If you are using Windows 8 and missing Windows Desktop Sidebar Gadget then here is a freeware to get it back.

Get Windows 8 Like Start Screen In Windows XP, Vista And 7

As you know Microsoft upcoming OS Windows 8 is coming very soon, it comes with lots of new features and one of the feature is Start Screen. As Microsoft has...


Ultimate Windows Tweaker 3.0 for Windows 8 is Available

Finally after so much of waiting, Windows Tweaker 3.0 is launched, as we all love to customize and tweak with our Windows and Windows...