Monday, July 22, 2019

Office 2013 Theme For Windows 8

If you had liked Office 2013 UI then you can get same on your Windows 8 machine too using this free Theme.

Disable Store Application On Windows 8

Windows 8 comes with Windows Store through which you can download and install nice apps for your system, but there are some cases when you dont want to access store and wanna disable it.

Windows 8 RTM Boot Screen for Windows 7

If you are loving Windows 8 RTM Boot Screen and wanna try it out on your Windows 7 machine then here it is.

Change Background Image Or Color Of Windows 8 Start Or Logon Screen

Recently Microsoft has released the developer preview of Windows 8, its free and anyone can download it and test it his system, as it’s a pre release so it may come...

Disable Lock Screen In Windows 8 [Registry Method]

If you want to disable your Windows 8 Lock Screen then here is a simple registry method which will work on all Windows 8 version.

Reset Windows 8 Start Screen

If you are using Windows 8 from a long time then you must know that as you start installing different app or programs on your machine its shortcut or you can...

Windows 8 Will Have Aero Automatic Colorization

As Windows 8 takes some time to come but some interesting leaks are already started hitting internet, and here is another cool feature of it and its Aero Automatic Colorization. Aero Automatic...

Get Classic Start Menu Back In Windows 8 Start Menu X

Microsoft has removed Start Button or ORB from Windows 8, but if you want to get it back then here is a simple to use app.

[How To] Change Windows 8 Metro Weather App To Celsius From Fahrenheit

If you are one of the early adopter of tester who are testing Windows 8 Developers Preview on your machine then you might be using Metro Weather App which is present...

Set Image Slideshow As Windows 8 Start Screen Background

Windows 8 has new Start Screen but it wont allows you to change its background, here is a simple tool to make slideshow as you background.


Lenovo Vibe Z2 Announced Has Selfie Camera And 64 Bit SoC

Along with the launch of Lenovo Vibe X2, company has also announced Vibe Z2 which is company's first smartphone to be run on 64...