Thursday, May 13, 2021

Free Utility To Enable Snap Feature In Windows 8

Recently Microsoft has released Developer Preview of its upcoming OS, Windows 8, It comes with lots of new features and one feature is Snap, In Snap you can run 2 Start...

What Is Windows To Go And How To Enable It

If you love your new Windows 8 and want to take it with you always then here is a way to create your Windows 8 portable version.

EaseUS FileManager For Windows 8

When Microsoft has released Windows 8 it comes with lots of enhancements and new features like new Metro UI, Start Screen, Task manager, Store and so on. Microsoft has also made...

Customize And Change Your Windows 8 Lock Screen With LockPic

If you love to customize your machine then here is a free to use app to customize your Windows 8 Lock Screen.

Shut Down And Restart Windows 8 From Context Menu

Many times you might dont like the new placemenet of Shut Down in Windows 8 as you have to go through long process, but now you can shut down right from your context menu.

Reset Windows 8 Start Screen

If you are using Windows 8 from a long time then you must know that as you start installing different app or programs on your machine its shortcut or you can...

Windows 8 Will Have Aero Automatic Colorization

As Windows 8 takes some time to come but some interesting leaks are already started hitting internet, and here is another cool feature of it and its Aero Automatic Colorization. Aero Automatic...

Adobe Released Photoshop Express For Windows 8

There is no doubt on that Adobe Photoshop is the most powerful photo editing software out there in market. Due to its tons of features it is used by most of...

Windows 7 Check Disk For Error On Restart With Dual Boot On Windows 8

If you are using Windows 7 and Windows 8 on dual boot then you will face problem of disk checking if you boot to Windows 7, here is a simple workaround to fix it.

Create Your Custom Start Screen Option In Windows 8

Here is a nice freeware portable tool which allows you to create your own custom Start Screen Tiles option.


Convert Video To MP3 Online

We all watch videos online, I think it’s one of the main job we all do online, we watch videos of games, trailers of...