Sunday, February 28, 2021

Change The Number Of Rows In Windows 8 Start Screen

By default Windows 8 doesnt allows you to customize the number of apps and rows on your Start Screen, but now using this simple app you can do this.

Windows RT Also Reached RTM Stage

Microsoft has announced that Windows RT, an exclusive OS for ARM based tablets, has reached RTM Stage. This tablet will also be available from 26 October.

Toggle Between Classic Or Metro Start Menu In Windows 8

The most noticeable change is those Live Tile feature on Windows 8 Start Screen, which provide access to some nice apps with just one muse click. But due to some reason some...

Enable Aero Glass In Windows 8 Aero Lite Theme

Many of you had might downloaded and installed Windows 8 Developer Preview which is released  by Microsoft sometime back for developers. Windows 8 comes with an Aero Lite default theme...

Change Start Screen Background Image, Enable Good Old Start Menu And Enable Snap Feature...

As you all knows that Microsoft has already released the Developer Preview of its upcoming OS, Windows 8 for developers, but it can be downloaded by anyone and can test it...

[How To] Enable Aero Aurora In Windows 8 7850 Build

We had reported about the  Aero Automatic Colorization or Aero Aurora feature which was found in Windows 8. So far it was believed that this feature wont work on 7850 build, but...

Microsoft Shows First Video Preview Of Windows 8.1

As we know that Microsoft is going to release updated version of Windows 8, Windows 8.1 later this month. At present Microsoft will only launch preview version of Windows 8.1 and...

Windows 8 Build 7959 Milestone 3 Server Edition Leaked

As expected and waited by many user around the world, Windows 8 latest build 7959 is leaked and it is available to download. The full build in number of this leaked is...

System Reset Option Found In Windows 8, Lets You To Restore Original Factory Setting

We had already showed you some of the leaked pics and some information regarding the upcoming OS from Microsoft, Windows 8. Now another leaked had hit the internet and this time its...

Check How Much Space Is Used By Different App In Windows 8

If you are running out of space on Windows 8 machine then most chances are that you had installed apps and they are taking space, here is the way to know which app is taking how much space.


RCom To launch iPhone 5S And iPhone 5C In 2 Year...

Today Reliance has confirmed that they are going to launch both of the latest iPhones, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C in India with 2...