Sunday, March 7, 2021

[Review] MacX DVD Ripper Pro

Many times when I am travelling I wish I can watch my favorite movies or TV episodes on my iPad or any other tablet but for that I have to convert...

[Review] BitDefender 60 Second Virus Scanner

BitDefender has released 60 Second Virus scanner which allows you to scan your computer in 60 seconds.

Get License Key Of All Installed Application With One Click

We all know How Much License key is important,because if you lost it then you are in big trouble,because you will need to buy another key if you lost your previous...

[How To] Get Samsung Galaxy S5 Like Heart Rate Monitor App On Any Android...

Few hours ago when Samsung has launched its latest flagship smartphone, Galaxy S5 then one feature which draws everyone's attention was the integration of heart rate sensor which lets you measure...

Epic Web Browser, Chromium Based Privacy Protecting Browser

From the launch of Google Chrome which is based on Chromium project, an open source project there are lots of web browsers were released on Chromium like RockMelt but none of...

Skype 5.0 Is Out, Comes With Facebook In Integration

Skype is the most popular IM client over the Internet,It allows you to make free calls to other Skype users and very cheap call to other landline or mobile phones. A newer...

‘Zopper’ A Hyper Local Marketplace Releases Revamped Android App

Zopper, a Delhi based hyper local marketplace, which is one of the largest hyper local marketplace in India has released a new revamped app for Android devices of its Zopper shopping...

Cortana; The Thing I Loved On Windows Phone

No doubt, market share of Windows Phone is going down with every day passed, some time back there was news that soon developers won't be investing their time for making Windows...

Avira Release Protection Cloud Beta

Day by day companies are starting using cloud protection, now Avira has step in and they has released the Beta version of there Could Protection tool

Compress Images Upto 90% With Caesium Image Compressor

No doubt that high resolution pictures look good and very sharp which allows you to see very details of it, but when it comes to uploading them on social networking sites...


BlackBerry OS 10 Roadmap Leaked

A Roadmap of BlackBerry is leaked which clearly shows how RIM is going play in market and which are the phone and tablets to be launched.