Photos and videos help us too capture any best moment, suppose you are on a picnic, or outing, or photos of birthday party. We want to save them forever as whenever we see them they make us remind those beautiful moments.

But what if you mistakenly delete or lost those photos, audios or videos from your computer. Yes you can make backup, but what if backup too got deleted or if you had a backup on cloud then it will take some time to reach your computer as you need to download it.

Here is a simple to use Stellar Data Recovery tool which allows you to recover any deleted photos, images, audios and videos from your computer hard drive or USB drives.

It’s a 3 step process and at the end you will get your. To get start just first launch the app and start a new scan, now it will ask which drive you want to scan just go with your desired drive, it can be your hard drive or USB. You can scan disk up to 2 TB


Once you select your drive just click on Scan button and it will start scanning your Drive, it will take some time depending upon the size and usage or drive.


Once your scan is finished it will nicely put all images in their category and arrange them as there formats, Once scan is done you will find all your deleted videos, audios and images. You can click on recover button to get them back.


Features :-

  • Easy to use,
  • Can recover photos, camera raw images, videos, and audio too,
  • Can recover from USB, phones or memory card too,
  • Can scan drive of upto 2 TB

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