Yesterday Apple has announced iOS 8 which comes with lots of new features which will enhance user experience and it will improve some of the current features of iOS. At present iOS is being used by more than 800 Millions users across iPhone’s, iPad’s and iPod’s. iOS 8 is supported on iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPod touch 5th generation, iPad 2, iPad with Retina display, iPad Air, iPad mini and iPad mini with Retina display.

iOS 8

Here are some key features of iOS which will could be useful for you or any iOS user.

#1 Health App

Apple has pushed Health and fitness app which will be tracking each and every step of your. Basically it allows you to pull all health related information from different app and create a comprehensive data which you can send to a doctor at selected hospital. Its interesting to see this feature in iOS 8 as when iWatch will be announced it will be able to track your steps, heartbeat  and other things.

#2 WiFi Calling

Users are able to make FaceTime calls over WiFi from some time, but with iOS 8 users will also be able to make standard calls over WiFi too. If you are using T-Mobile then you could do this, T-Mobile is offering this service on other smartphones, but now it has made its way to iPhone. This service is mobile provider dependent and is not available universally.

#3 FaceTime Call Waiting

iOS 8 now supports FaceTime call waiting, which means if you are over calls in FaceTime with anyone and one of your friend make FaceTime call to you then you will be able to accept or reject incoming call. It could be a great feature for those who uses FaceTime more.

iOS On iPhone and iPad
iOS On iPhone and iPad

#4 HomeKit

Befor the kick off of WWDC, their were rumors that Apple could announce a feature which will let you control whole house, sadly Apple hasnt announced such thing, or we can say partially announced. Apple has partnered with some lots of third-party apps which lets you convert your iPhone into remote control which lets you control your  garage doors, locks, lights, cameras and thermostats, yes of course some third party hardware’s will be required.

#5 Battery Usage By App

Earlier in iOS 7, you could see how much storage has been acquired by which installed app , but with iOS 8 you could see which app is draining your battery faster and if want then you can kill that app to save your battery. This feature is already available on Android.

#6 New Way To Launch Siri

Earlier if you want to launch Siri then you have to long press home button, but just like Google Siri could be launched via a simple voice command. Now you just have to say “Hey Siri”.

#7 Travel Time Notification

Android users are enjoying this feature from a long time, if you are an Android user then you will get notification for how much time will be required to reach a upcoming appointment or destination, now a similar feature is going to land on iOS 8, how it work is not yet clear.

#8 Do Not Disturb In Message

If you are in a meeting or at work but your friends are discussing about yesterday night movie and disturbing you then you can mute that thread by keeping other threads active. You can later join the conversation. Tjis feature is very much similar to off WhatsApp group mute feature.

#9 QucikType

If you are Android user then you must know that while writing message it can detect what you are writing and guess next word before you finish writing it. Now Apple has introduced QuickType which is very much similar to of Android counter part but Apple has said that it will learn from your writing style, language habits, including how you text in different message threads.

#10 DuckDuckGo Search

Apple is going to expand its Safari Search Engine in iOS8, its something you could call anti-Google. It wont track users information for advertising purpose, its isn’t as powerful as Google but its inclusion in iOS8 will surely open lots of doors for it.

#11 New Way of Notifications

With this feature Apple has catches up with another Android feature, now you can respond to any text messages, Facebook posts and appointment reminders without leaving the app you are currently using.

#12 Family Sharing

Now up to the number of six family members can share same iTunes purchase across different devices but all you have to do is use same credit card for the purchase. You can also share calendars, photos, reminders and so on with your relatives.


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