No doubt YouTube is one the few places where we go first if we want to see any trailer, show, music video or any other kind of video. But using YouTube is not all, you must know some of the cool tricks which can be done on YouTube.

Here are some YouTube tricks which you might don’t know till now :-

Start Video From a Specific Time :-

If you don’t want to see starting of video or you had watched half of the show and want to start from a specific time then it can be done by simply adding time at the end of the video.

Let say you want to start a video from 2 minutes 45 seconds the just add #t=02m45s at the end of video, for eg :-

Will Become

You can also add same in embed code and the video will start from that time only.

Auto Replay Video :-

On many occasion we want to play single video in continuation like you might be hearing a song and working but when song ends you have to replay it.


InfiniteLooper is a free service which lets you play any YouTube video in loop, all you have to do is replace YouTube in URL with infinitelooper, so

Will Become

Download Any YouTube Video

If you want to download YouTube video then you can find lots of free YouTube Downloader’s, but why you need to install those adware app if you can do it online for free.


To do this all you have to do is add pwn at the video URL and then you will be able to download that video in al available formats. So,

Will Become

Bypass Restriction

Many times we try to watch a video which has been licensed or restricted to a age group, you can easily bypass it by removing few things from video URL, So

Will Become

Disable Related Videos

Many times we find related video at the end of video, it’s a good option as we get some more options but some time it can be irritating too, to remove this you can add ?rel=0 at the end of video URL, So in embed code

Will Become

Better Keyword Searching

Many times when we look for a specific video and search for it we get tons of results, if you wanna perform a better search then you can use allintitle: before your keyword., So

If I want to search all videos which has TechnoArea in title then I will search,



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