Windows XP has become out dated but still many people around the globe don’t wanna update themselves to Windows Vista or Windows 7.

Few days back we had told you that Windows 8 will feature Metro UI Login Screen, its bit different from the one we see in Windows 7.Background is nice, its clean on optimum.

If you also wanna enjoy the same clean login screen on your Windows XP then you could, Actually an DA user, PeterRollar, has created the same Windows 8 look like login screen for XP users.


To apply this login screen all you need to do is download the package using the below link and then just place it in %windir%system32 but its little bit risky or Windows will not allow you to replace or Windows will replace it with original file on next reboot.

So in that case use Replacer which is an free and easy to use, you could find it in Recommended section.

You may use following link to download it :-

Download Windows 8 Login Screen For Windows XP


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