YouTube is a nice video sharing service with having plenty of videos on it which are uploaded by its users. You can find almost any type of videos or even full movies on it. One thing which all of us might hate is that YouTube shows plenty of ads on it which are annoying.

If you are going to watch a popular video then YouTube might serve ads at the beginning of video and in middle of video too. Today we are going to share a simple Google Chrome extension called AdBlock For YouTube.

This extension is pretty simple to use, you just need to download and install and you are done, it will block both text and video ads.


Once you had installed this extension, open any video on YouTube and you will see a message “Cleaned by Adblock for YouTube” at the right side of video in the beginning of all your videos.

It’s a simple and must have Google Chrome extension for those who love to watch lots of videos on YouTube.


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