Many of us uses TweetDeck on your desktop or phones to fetch latest updates from our social media sites like Facebook, Twitter FourSquare etc.

TweetDeck is easy to use software it bring update from different social media at one place you will be able to check and reply to those updates without opening so many sites.

It also checks for updates at regular intervals, it also allows you to upload medias like pictures to twitter by just drag and drop feature.

One another cool service is that they provide URL shortening from different sites like, tinURL, twURL etc.

I like Google URL shortening service, Goo.Gl and I wanna use it so after little tweaking and searching I found the working method.

Actually Google has not yet released and official API for Goo.Gl so you cant and directly but there is an third party way which allows you to use it.

Here is the way :-

  • Open TweetDeck and click on Setting button,


  • Now Click on Service tab and then in URL shorten service select OTHER,


  • Now in URL shortening Endpoint put :-

  • Now save it and that’s it you are done now whenever you type any url in TweetDeck it will shorten it using Goo.Gl.


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