If you are still using Windows Xp SP2 Or Windows Vista RTM then you should need to consider to Upgrade your Os Or Service Pack to next level because soon Microsoft is going to end Support for Windows Xp Service Pack 2 And Windows Vista.

Windows Xp SP2 Support Ends On July 13, 2010 and Windows Vista RTM on April 13, 2010,please not that here Windows Vista RTM means Windows Vista Without Any SP

Following are some FAQ regarding this:-

How To find Which Os and SP I Am Using?

If you are not sure then type winver in run command,then you will see a dialog box like below

In that dialog box 1 denotes Windows Version and 2 denotes Service Pack(If Any)

What does Support End Means?

It means that you will no longer receive software updates from Windows Update

Do I able To run Windows After Support end date?

Yes you will be able to run Windows as normally but the thing is you will not be able to get latest security updates.

What are the support end dates?

Windows Xp SP2 = July 13, 2010,and

Windows Vista RTm = April 13, 2010

So, if you are using these version then soon consider about upgrade to Windows 7 or to next Service Pack.

You can read more on this at Official page from belows link

Official Announcement


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