We all know that Windows 8 comes with a new live tile start screen, which was earlier introduced in WP7, we had already shared Omnimo and Windows 8 Start Screen Full.

Now we are going to share another cool utility mStartEX, its an alternative tool for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 users. It shows all Start Menu and pinned items in a tile view style very similar to of Windows 8.

When you launch this app first time it will sort all items via Alphabetic order but you can change it via  Settings, you can also change the background color, transparency level of app, screen position, Metro Tile Mode and so on.


It shows an avatar which can be changed, and if you click on it then you will taken to Control Panel, To access it you just need to move your mouse to bottom-left corner of your screen, just like you do on your Windows 8, and then you will get this start screen, to close just click on Shut down button on Start Screen.




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