Few hours ago when Samsung has launched its latest flagship smartphone, Galaxy S5 then one feature which draws everyone’s attention was the integration of heart rate sensor which lets you measure your current heart rate by just placing your finger next to rear camera.

Its a good feature and can help you in many ways, if you cant get Samsung Galaxy S5 then no need to worry as you can get this feature in almost any Android phone. Runtastic Heart Rate is a free app which uses your phones camera and flash to measure your heart rate.

To use this app all your need to do is download and install this and then to measure place your index finger over your camera and flash in such a way that it covers both the camera lens and flash.

Runtastic_Heart_Rate-1 Runtastic_Heart_Rate-2 Runtastic_Heart_Rate-3 Runtastic_Heart_Rate-4

Features :-

  • Measure your pulse with the camera on your smartphone
  • See your HRM results in a graph
  • Variety of different, instant measurement types: resting HR, maximum HR, and HR before/after cardio
  • Upload, store, and analyze your exercise results on the runtastic fitness site, www.runtastic.com
  • Share your HRM results via your social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and E-mail


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