We all use anti-virus on our computer to protect it from threats which can harm your data on your pc, some of you might use free anti-virus or some may use paid one.

But as we all know no anti-virus is perfect, every day new virus are come into existence and when those anti-virus company came to know about those new virus they update their virus definition and then you will be protected from that virus.

Now if you wanna submit a new virus to any anti-virus company then you need to make your account on each and every company.

X-Ray is a freeware utility created by our friend Raymond which allows you to send a suspicious file to 30+ anti-virus company for a scan, you can also submit that file to VirusTotal too.


All you need to do is, just launch this portable app and then drag and drop your suspicious file in it and then select the anti-virus company whom you wanna send it and then send it.

Features :-

  • Automatically submit files to 31 different antivirus companies via email or web based submission method for manual analysis.
  • Change submission method for a particular antivirus from Settings
  • Test email settings
  • Retrieve latest scan report from VirusTotal
  • Send file to VirusTotal for scanning
  • Two methods of sending files to VirusTotal (Email and API)
  • Automatic failover when chosen method for sending suspicious files to VirusTotal fails
  • Copying MD5 hash and results to clipboard via right click context menu.
  • History (VirusTotal detection report and Analysis Submission date & time)
  • Auto Update
  • Support Windows XP/Vista/7 (32bit & 64bit)
  • Freeware (no spyware or adware embedded)



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