Last year Federal Government has caught one of the biggest fraud of Internet on which hackers were caught of spreading fake DNS Changer Malware and thousand of computer were infected with these fake DNS which point towards hackers.

What is an DNS Server

Well DNS server is Domain Name System Server, which is an one of the most important building block of Internet and without it you might not be able to connect to internet. When you open TechnoArea on your computer with the help of any web browser then you web browser is connected to TechnoArea’s DNS Server which guides your web browser towards our IP Address or our web server’s IP address which holds our pages.


What is happening after 9 July 2012 ?

Federal Government has changed those hackers DNS to legitimate ones, so that infected people can stay connected to internet but it is costing too much to them so that’s why they are going to shut down those DNS and those who are using it  will no longer will be able to use Internet.

How to check whether your are infected or not?

To know whether you are infected with this scam or not just visit DNS OK site and if you see a Red single then you were a victim of this scam or if you get a Green one then you are not infected.


How To Fix It?

You can use any of below 2 free tools which help you to delete those fake DNS :-


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