Yesterday we had shared the the new bootscreen Betta Fish found in the latest build 7989 of Windows Windows 8 for Windows 7 users.

If you are using Windows XP then you can still get that Betta Fish bootscreen in your system, a user PeterRollar at DA has created the Betta Fish bootscreen for Windows XP.

Windows 8 Bootscreen For Windows XP

As you are seeing two screen above, the first one is the bootscreen which you will get after installing and the second one is the screen which you will see after bootscreen and before logon screen, generally we get a black screen.

To use this bootscreen just download the package from below link and then extract the package and the apply Win8 7989.tbs using TuneUp Utility.

Now to apply the screen Copy startup.bmp from Windows8Startup folder to C:Windows and the run activate.reg to activate the screen.

Download the package :-