Last year we had seen brands implemented in-display fingerprint on their smartphones, it was Vivo who implemented this first on its smartphone and then it was like a trend which most of the brands followed and soon it became a must have feature on the smartphones and we have seen several variants of in-display fingerprint sensors and by every version it was getting batter and better, but their was an issue till now with these in-display fingerprint, and it is these works on AMOLED screens only, so it means if you want to bring this technology to a budget smartphone, then you cant as budget smartphones comes with LCD displays only.

Redmi In Display Fingerprint

Well, this is something soon going to change as Redmi, the sub brand of Xiaomi has confirmed that they were testing in-display fingerprint on LCD screens and soon we can see this technology on budget smartphones.

Till now AMOLED screen were used on high end smartphone, mostly flagship smartphones which uses this technology as AMOLED don’t require any backlight module and in-display fingerprint sensors can easily transmit optical or ultrasonic signals, but things are not so easy in the case of LCD panels.

But Redmi has managed to overcome this problem by using infrared high-transmittance film material.”

Company has shared a video on Weibo demonstrating how in-display fingerprint will work on LCD displays, company has also said this technology is ready for mass production and most probably it will be coming out in market by the end of 2020.

What remains to be seen is how this technology is going to perform in front of those in-display fingerprints which we have for AMOLED displays.

It will be too early to say anything or to expect much from this technology at this time as this technology is at very early stage.


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