Most of the functions on Windows is carried out by DLL or Dynamic Link Libraries files, these are one of the most important part of your Windows contains codes and data which can be used by one or more than one programs at the same time.

On Windows Control Panel, Device Driver and much are implemented as DLL so to make these work DLL files should work properly

Most of the time these DL files are registered by program itself but many times you may be required to register them manually.


RegDllView is a small utility that displays the list of all registered dll/ocx/exe files of your system. For each registered file, you can view the last date/time that it was registered, and the list of all registration entries.

RegDllView also allows you to unregister dll/ocx files that you don’t need on your system anymore. If you have dll/ocx files that don’t exist on your system anymore, but their registration entries are still exist in your Registry, then you can manually remove these entries.

This freeware is supported by Windows 98 to Windows 8. Both x86 Bits and x64 Bits are supported.


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