No doubt that VLC is a very good media player not only for Windows but also for MAC OS X and Linux too, it also support other OS’s as well.It supports almost all kinds of format out there, you can play your all media files on and with the new release VLC team is adding more and more formats and the main thing is that it is free and Open Source file.

I am using VLC from a long time I think I am using it from the early days of my PC usage, but recently I am getting a annoying message at the start up of almost every videos, it says Please Wait While Your Font Catch Is Rebuild,


And sometime it took a very long time which make my mind out of control, So I figure it out and find a simple way to get out of this message, and it her :-

  • Open your VLC and click on Tools –> Preferences or simply hit Ctrl+P, shortcut for Preferences,
  • Now first click on All at the bottom of right side and then navigate to Videos -> Subtitles/OSD there you will see a option saying Text Rendering Module just select Dummy Font Render Function and click Save


  • That’s it now play videos without that message


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