We often store lots of music files on our system,We download files and keep them on hard drive.Making song collection is very easy task but believe me Arranging them is a difficult task.

Fey TagEditor is a versatile software dedicated to tag processing and accessible even to the most inexperienced users. The app allows you to fill in missing ID3 tag fields requiring only parts of filenames and folder names to complete the task (like title, artist, album, year, genre, comments and basically any info that might prove useful in generating a fully tagged file).


You may also download information which is not included in file from online services including Amazon and FreeDB.

You can also import tags from backups for this click on Option and select Export Tags.


It also allows you to customize the format option of file name and directory.


It work fine with Windows 2000, Windows Xp, Windows Vista And Windows 7.

You may use following link to download FeyTagEditor :-

Download Link

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