many times when you try to visit or surf website like YouTube, Vimeo or like that site on Google Chrome then you might get a error that your Shockwave Flash has crashed.


In  that case you either need to restart your browser or refresh the page. But if you visit same site on any other browser like Opera, Firefox or IE then you wont get such error.

Cause :-

Actually this error occurs because Google Chrome handles and uses its own in-built flash, and if you had installed then Google Chrome sometime gets confused on which Flash to use and then it will through you with an error.


Type chrome://plugins in your address bar and then you will see all plugins installed and used by your Google Chrome.

Look for Adobe Flash or Flash and if you get an entry like Flash (2 Files) then most probably chances for Chrome getting crashed is due to conflict between flash.


In upper right corner you will get a plus sign like [+], press it and now you will get details of each plugins. Now you need to disable Google Chrome’s inbuilt flash.


That’s it, now just restart your browser and you are done.


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