Its a new year and a new start for us, on this occasion many of you must be planning to take some new year resolutions but its also true that many of us just plans for resolution but never start these resolutions or if start then it goes off the track within few days or weeks. If you too planning to take some new year resolution and at the same time you are worrying whether you could reach your goal or not then here are some apps which will help you to hit your goal.

#1 Fooducate (Android and iOS)

Eating healthy food, loosing weight and being healthy is the motive of all of us, many of you might be planning to loose weight, then Fooducate is one of the best app you can use for this. Its one of the app on Android and iOS platform which lets you do more than just buring calories, it lets you scan barcode of the product and let you know what it has got after scanning barcode it also lets you know whether its good or not, if not then it shows some good alternatives.


Fooducate track your food intake, calories and exercise, it :-

  • Pay attention to the quality of calories, not just quantity
  • Automatically scan a product barcode to see a food’s nutrition grade (A, B, C, or D)
  • Learn about a product’s pros and cons
  • Choose healthier alternatives
  • Add your own foods to track

#2 AlcoDroid (Android)

If you are thinking to control your drinking habit then AlcoDroid is one app which you must have. AlcoDroid is an alcohol consumption tracker, drinks diary and blood alcohol content calculator. AlcoDroid helps you get a better handle of what you drink and change your drinking habits. Optionally it also tracks costs of your drinks.

AlcoDroid also provides an estimate of your blood alcohol content (BAC) based on the drinks you’ve logged, plots your BAC development in a chart and indicates when you get below the legal limit or back to sobriety.


#4 New Year Resolutions (Windows 8.1)

Whether you want to quit Smoking, loose extra weight which you had gained or any other promise which you want to make from yourself, this app, New Year resolutions gonna help you to hit that goal.

New Year Resolution App

Simply start a new resolution, keep track of your progress and keep up with your goals with this app made just for you. This app also provides some of the most popular resolutions which will motivate you to achieve your new year goals. Make this new year and the coming ones memorable.


  • Create a new resolution with a title, description and due date
  • A central hub to show all the new year resolutions and the number of days to complete them
  • Some popular resolutions which will motivate you to achieve your goals
  • Pin your resolutions to your start screen

#5 Motive (Windows Phone)

From the smallest of goals to the biggest of dreams, anything is possible if you possess the desire to achieve it. All you need is a Motive.

Motive App

Document your journey on your path to success. Update your daily progress, from quick thoughts to inspiring literature. Upload a quick pic of something related, or snap a photo of your actual progress. No matter how small the step, as long as it’s in the right direction you are one step closer than you were yesterday. Build motivation by checking-in and receiving support from others. Track your progress with habits and numerous statistics.


  • Social Progress Journal with #hashtag support
  • A Motivation point system with leaderboards
  • Habit Tracking and Statistics
  • Inspiration and support from other like-minded individuals
  • Alarms and Reminders
  • Live Tile Support with Individual Habit Tiles

#6 Udacity

Want to learn programming language this year, Udacity is one of the best online platform which offers massive online courses which you can subscribe and start building your own Android or iOS apps.

You will be able to find courses in all programming languages like PHP, Phython, C++ and more, its mobile app makes it possible for you to learn things on the go.


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