Twitter and Facebook are most used social networking sites not only by individuals but nowadays companies also used it to get in touch with its users and customers so that users can directly connects with them and get latest news while chatting with friends.

But you will find lots of fake account in the name of Google and its other services,so to save your time and effort we here providing you some official accounts of Google on Twitter and Facebook.

Facebook :-

Google :-

Google Hotspot :-

Google Nexus :-

Google Mobile Ads :-

Google Mobile :-

Google TV :-

Picnik :-

Google Maps:-

Google Waves :-

Google Voice :-

Google Translate :-

Google Chrome :-

Aardvark :-

Chrome For Mac:-

Google Student :-

Life At Google :-

AdSense :-

AdWords :-

iGoogle :-

Twitter :-


Blogger :-

Google Calendar :-

Google Contacts :-

Google Images :-

Google News :-

Google Reader :-

Google Voice :-

iGoogle :-

Google Student :-

Google Mobile Apps :-

YouTube :-

Google Sites :-

Google Toolbar :-

Google Earth :-

Google Maps :-

AdSense :-

Google Analytics :-


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