We all use Facebook in daily life to get in touch with our friends and family ones.Facebook has become like our day to day activity which we do.

Some time we may feel lazy (like me)or we don’t want to shift our hand from keyboard to mouse.So in that case you may use following shortcuts :-

Alt + m Create New Message

Alt + ? Moves your cursor to Search Box

Alt + 1 Navigates To Facebook Homepage

Alt + 2 To goto your profile page

Alt + 3 View Friends Requests drop down list

Alt + 4 To view latest Messages in drop down list

Alt + 5 To view Notification drop down list

Alt + 6 Navigate to Account setting webpage

Alt + 7 Navigate to Account privacy configuration page

Alt + 8 Open’s Facebook fan page at www.facebook.com/facebook

Alt + 9 Open’s Facebook’s Statement of Rights & Responsibilities