Google is rolling out its new Priority Inbox for all of its Gmail and Google Apps users,

If you are using Gmail then you could activate Priority Inbox by clicking on the link given at the Top-Right corner,just next to your Email Address.

But if you are using Google Apps then there is no such link to activate Priority Inbox on the mail page but you can activate it by :-

  • Login to your Google Apps Admin Account Control panel by visiting following URL :-,

  • Click Domain settings.
  • Under the General tab,scroll down and in the New services and Pre-release Features section, check the box next to Enable pre-release features.

  • Click Save changes.
  • Now goto your Inbox and you will see link to activate Priority Inbox at the Top-Right corner.

  • Click on Try It Now! and just go through the process to activate it,
  • That’s It


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